Singapore Airlines air rage and the German Professor

Okay, I’m sorry to keep harping on about this whole thing, but being cooped up in a metal tube for 22 hours does things to one’s brain. So, everything was sorted until it transpired that my wife’s points hadn’t gone through so more singing and dancing to get that sorted for the return flight.

Best of all was the flight to Singapore where we are spending the night. A very loud and irritating German guy in his late fifties/early sixties make such a show about his lack of leg room because he was quite tall. He stuck his leg out in the aisle whilst everyone was boarding and refused to move it. Unfortunately we had already sat down otherwise I might have tried to give the leg a kicking. Anyway, they finally moved the guy next to him to give him two seats to himself and then he proceeded to present his business card to the stewardess who looked bored by it, smiled and said “Thank you professor.”

Slightly sickened by this display we got settled in and everything was okay until the end of the meal. He wasn’t eating, so naturally my wife (who hates flying at the best of times) put her seat back. The prof then proceeded to knee the back of her seat and try and push her forward. This ended in a frenetic bout of swearing from us (I’m proud to say I got in some of my best German profanities) and some appeasement from stewardesses rolling their eyes.

Singapore Airlines fiasco continues…

I knew the whole upgrade hassle would come back to bite me.

So, having finally sorted my flights I rang Singapore Airlines to check up on something and was told that my flights had all been cancelled! Apparently the upgrade people/computer didn’t tell the normal ticketing that we had taken the flight and they recorded a ‘no show’ on the flight from Sydney.

Why would anyone pay $3,000 for a ticket and not bother to take the flight? It seems absurd to me that they wouldn’t bother to check the records.

Anyway, a very nice lady at Singapore has been trying to sort it out but now I’m on the waiting list for my flight home. Arrgh. After all that waiting to get it sorted in the first place.

We wait with baited breath…

In the air and enjoying the Sky Bed

Finally in the air and enjoying the Sky Bed in the business class upgrade with Singapore Airlines after an incredible amount of hassle. The upgrade came through this morning (Saturday) but their ticketing office is closed in Sydney on Saturday. Guess what? You have to go to the ticketing office in order to pick up the upgrade vouchers. It seems pretty absurd given the days of electronic communications that they can’t just put it all through on their booking system.

Shame this will have to be sent from Singapore airport, I was hoping to be cheesy and send it via an Internet connection in the ‘plane, but alas there is none. There’s an RJ45 socket in the seat though, I wonder what would happen if I plugged in…?

Turkey Bombing

Can’t say I’m too happy about the bombing in Turkey just on the eve of making my way over there. I’m sure it will be okay, I spent enough time in London whilst the IRA were blowing things up from time to time. Hope I don’t eat my words…