Singapore Airlines air rage and the German Professor

by Andy Polaine on July 21, 2004

Okay, I’m sorry to keep harping on about this whole thing, but being cooped up in a metal tube for 22 hours does things to one’s brain. So, everything was sorted until it transpired that Karin’s points hadn’t gone through so more singing and dancing to get that sorted for the return flight.

Best of all was the flight to Singapore where we are spending the night. A very loud and irritating German guy in his late fifties/early sixties make such a show about his lack of leg room because he was quite tall. He stuck his leg out in the aisle whilst everyone was boarding and refused to move it. Unfortunately we had already sat down otherwise I might have tried to give the leg a kicking. Anyway, they finally moved the guy next to him to give him two seats to himself and then he proceeded to present his business card to the stewardess who looked bored by it, smiled and said “Thank you professor.”

Slightly sickened by this display we got settled in and everything was okay until the end of the meal. He wasn’t eating, so naturally Karin (who hates flying at the best of times) put her seat back. The prof then proceeded to knee the back of her seat and try and push her forward. This ended in a frenetic bout of swearing from us (I’m proud to say I got in some of my best German profanities) and some appeasement from stewardesses rolling their eyes. Here was a comment that got lost in the update. I thought it was pretty amusing:

If you plugged into the RJ45 you would probably do more harm to your PC than the aircraft. It is unlikely you would suddenly take control of the aircraft using your favourite flight sim, or be given admin rights to Singapore air traffic control, contrary to Hollywood. When it comes to tossers on flights, there is nothing like mad parents with puking baby to really shut up the feeble minded. I have witnessed MrJerk whinging about legroom with parent in front getting really pissed off, culminating with baby vomit spraying all over MrJerk as MrAngryparent was swapping seats with MrsAngryparent. MrJerk and his ilk are usually self-centred self-absorbed, self-opinionated single men with little in their lives except themselves. What these people need is to scrape baby shit off the bedroom carpet at 3am. Becoming super-focussed on infinite detail of widgets and get a PHD out of it is nothing. I am surrounded by these people at work. Obviously Professor Jerk you dealt with really thinks he is the dogs bollox, when in the scheme of things he is slightly off this mark, merely looking like a dog’s arsehole – a ringpiece full of shite. MattP

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