Find out what the person next to you in traffic is nodding their head to…

Regine from ever fascinating and brilliantly titled We-Make-Money-Not-Art has just posted a story about the SoundPryer from the Interactive Institute in Stockholm.

Basically using a WiFi card and a PDA playing MP3s you can share your music with others who drive past you in the car. By the same token, when somone drives past you, you get a blast of their music. So you can finally work out what that gorgeous girl or guy is bopping their head too.

I like ideas like this that answer a common social question and help to reinforce the sense of the human dynamic and connection between us all. It’s rather like a musical equivalent of the Blogosphere’s trackbacks.

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  • unfortunately i think the only sense of the human dynamic and connection between us all would be porn.

    What ever connectivity happens it will all boil down to porn connectivity unfortunately, fortunately if your in to that thing if not well

    how do you tune in to another channel if you are picking up what every one else if listening too ?

    Stay in a silent room and lock yourself away. Not recommened did this with the internet for a couple of years lead to a depressive parannoid illness

    It’s getting to being at the point of being able to know what everyone is thinking just by waking past them

    I really don’t want to know what everyone is thinking or what music they are listening too unless I choose too and the other person has given me permission and not just electronic permission (and yes we know today people don’t give permisison and they still take stuff but)

    it’s becoming way to close to having no personal space

    not a good thing……. too much group think

    Yes conectivity is good but don’t forget the human……you can get to much connectivity

    Ask any mother who has looked after kids all day there comes a point where silence is needed and you can’t even cope with any more touch. How do you get this if everyone keeps tuning in to you

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