December 2004

Tsunami in Indian Ocean puts life in perspective

by Andy Polaine on December 29, 2004

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There’s nothing like a natural disaster to put things in perspective. When I heard about the earthquake and tsunamis I reacted in the way most people probably do: “Gosh that’s terrible,” but it’s a long way away.

But I’ve just got back from India and have a very good idea of the conditions people are living in and how dreadful something like this would be. A news report on Channel Ten here summed it up horirbly. The finacial reporter said investors were dumping aviation, tourism and insurance stock. Nice. The worst part was the glib comment at the end that went like this: “However, insurance companies are not expecting a wave [sic] of claims as most of the victims were uninsured.”

Then I remembered a friend of mine on Koh Samui from whom I still haven’t heard and my friend had an SMS from honeymooning friends of his who saw the wave but were okay. Two people from their hotel are missing still though. It makes whinging about flight delays pretty petty I have to admit.

Balmain Yoga Studio

by Andy Polaine on December 26, 2004

Just wanted to put in a link to my Yoga teacher’s studio.


iTorrent – will Apple come to the BitTorrent party?

December 20, 2004

Now that BitTorrents account for around 35% of all net traffic (40%, shockingly, is spam) will Apple create iTorrent or implement it in iTunes eventually? It seems too big an opportunity to miss. I was chatting with Mark Pesce last night who has several insightful views on the whole personal media space and new technologies […]

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Flight cancelled due to snow. In Siberia.

December 19, 2004

Okay, another airline rant. This time my friend Sean coming over from London via Japanese Airlines (JAL). His flight was cancelled due to snow in Siberia. Now, it’s winter in Siberia at the moment, so, um, isn’t it always snowing there? How about choosing a better route? My sister-in-law, Ute, was also delayed by five […]

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Why Sony don’t get it in so many ways

December 18, 2004

I’m a little late on this one but, hey, I’ve been offline in India. It’s always sad to see a big corporation like Sony completely misunderstand its own marketing hype and the emotional connection consumers have with products. So not only are they pointlessly flexing their corporate muscle trying to sue Jason Kottke for posting […]

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Off to India

December 5, 2004

I’m off to India for about ten days, so no blogging for me. I’ll be steering clear of Internet cafés too! Photos when I return. (This one from the Stock Xchng.

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Voice from The Void – the Blogosphere is alive and well

December 4, 2004

Oh, the irony of it all. After my post about Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void not responding to my mails and posts, I got a comment from Hugh: “I suppose I could just do what Nick Denton does- turn off the comments from his blog(s) and limit all e-mail replies to less than 6 words. […]

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Vice President Dogsbody – the rise of misleading job titles

December 4, 2004

I just saw a job ad today for “Vice President of General Duties”. Vice President? So what are these general duties then? They must be pretty important to need a President, one that also needs a Vice. Job Type: Casual Assistance with general duties as follows: delivery of marketing flyers assistance with various on site […]

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Dog with flowers

December 3, 2004

Saw this dog on some steps the other day. It looked like it was wearing flowers in its hair and posing. I couldn’t resist a photo.

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The Void in Gaping Void – What to do when blogs become victims of their own success?

December 2, 2004

I’ve been having an interesting conversation with Euph recently in the comments of my previous post about the SoundPryer and it’s led me to ruminate on what happens when blogs become victims of their own success. Our conversation went like this: AP:Personal media spaces (blogs, iPods, bitTorrents, etc.) allow for something else to go on. […]

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