Flying Carpet

At last a decent carpet in an airport. I’ve always wondered who chose the hideous designs for public spaces, but this one by Iranian artist Seyed Alavi uses aerial photos printed onto the carpet to give the sensation of flying. Brilliantly simple.

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  • Oh well, I might rewrite that lost comment at some later stage. One of the points I made was the fact that I had that same thought about carpets a few years back coming out of an amazingly inspiring antirom (yes) gig at the Sydney Convention Centre as part of Sydney Design 99. I think I was replaying the gig in my head for a few more minutes until something pulled me back to earth… something was bugging me, drawing my senses in a different and unexpected direction – something was just wrong. When my brain finally caught up, I realised I was standing in this big open space covered by this hideous carpet, asking a similar question to yours: “gosh these carpets look awful – don’t they want people to come back here?” it’s such a painful site in so many public spaces… In my original comment I then continued to explain who chooses the hideous designs and why they design them like that in the first place. If that comment doesn’t surfaces at some stage, I might have to explain it over again…

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