August 2005

High Speed Photography of Balloon Popping

by Andy Polaine on August 27, 2005

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Amazing high speed photography images of people popping balloons at Make Magazine’s session at Foo Camp 05. It’s incredible how much of the balloon’s shape remains even though most of the balloon has popped and I can’t believe that guy in the first photo isn’t flinching one bit!

Guitar Shred Show

by Andy Polaine on August 25, 2005

in General

I have just idled away far too much time playing with the Guitar Shred Show. Very amusing animation, nicely woven into a story and the most rockingly rock interactive guitar action you can possibly imagine.

Smart lightbulb sends SMS when blown

August 20, 2005

So now Fujitsu have developed a lightbulb that sends you a text message when it’s blown. Aparently it does this via some kind of code in the bulb that sends the message via powerlines to the Internet and then to you. Sounds pretty hokey and/or crazy to me. But the main thing here is, why? […]

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Why no research here?

August 14, 2005

Okay, so everyone seems to have been asking me why none of my work or research is published here. I wish I could say it’s because it’s so super top-secret and amazing that I would have to kill you if you saw it. Unfortunately it is the usual cobbler’s children going barefoot excuse: I just […]

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