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So, I’m thinking of moving to WordPress (shock horror – after all that hassle setting up MT?) as I quite like the Page/Post structure of it. in the meantime, I testing it out with my writing, which I hope to upload more of (cleaning up the Word/HTML code takes ages, even with some tools). So, check it out here.

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  • Very amusing story. Hospital scene is very effective. Quite fond of Madeline. Spin-off story from her point of view is in order.

  • Thanks. Did I not have comments turned on in the WordPress version? I’d better check that out.

    Not sure about a spin of story – I like to leave them where they are. You can write one though… :-)

  • I think you should try to move to WordPress. There is much more freedom with the blogging software and you can easily setup any add-ons if you wish.

  • It’s not so much the add-ons that are the problem. MT has a pretty comprehensive set of plug-ins, etc. But I think I prefer the way WP is coded and structured. I’ve got to know MT very well, but it’s been painful. I got my head around WP very quickly and I think it’s faster personally.

    It’s just, well, the effort involved in moving it all across….

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