REFRESH! Conference – Lowbrow, High Art: Why Big Fine Art Doesn’t Understand Interactivity

An archive of the REFRESH! Conference at the Banff New Media Institute is now online. You can download my paper, Lowbrow, High Art: Why Big Fine Art Doesn’t Understand Interactivity here.

Most of the conference was also recorded and is available to view here. My link is broken at the moment though. Sigh.

UPDATE: The link is fixed now.

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  • Interesting read, I certainly question why so many interaction designers set their sights on the gallery as a place to house their works.

    I think there is somewhat of a gallery hang-over at play here. Where people who often visit galleries cannot break out of the ‘soulful contemplation’ mode to get involved with interactive works.

    Interestingly today I was testing Light Tracer when a TBA staff member came in and had a go. Very hesitantly s/he took to it, asking me what to do, and proceeding to interact as if s/he would break something. Next rolled up one of the blue-collar COFA staff who probably has not idea about what ‘art’ is supposed to be – s/he used Light Tracer in a very interesting way, drawing an outline of his/her body etc… fearless.

    I think thats what I like about interactivity, it reveals more to me about them, than them to me.

  • I think that last point hits the mark exactly. It’s the surrender of authorship by the creator of the work that is ultimately rewarding. I’m sure there is something quite Zen about this kind of letting go to gain more…

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