Lost for music? Try Pandora.

Okay lots of bloggers have been raging about Pandora recently. It’s come from the Music Genome Project and is brilliant example of collaborative filtering (i.e., “people who bought this also bought that”). I hadn’t really taken much notice until one of my colleagues, Natalie, was hooked.

The best thing about it is that it is not just based on sales or genres, but what each song sounds like thanks to thousands of people listening to, well, all the music ever by the looks of it. On top of all of that it’s got a pretty snappy Flash interface too – nicely thought out. Check it out and their blog.

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  • Pandora is very cool!

    They do have a surprisingly large music library, I wonder how much effort it took to get all those licenses. They licenses are interesting though… a limit on how many songs you can skip an hour?

    Anyway I hear (according to the FAQ) it’s meant to be US-only at the stage. Luckily it doesn’t seem to actually be enforced at the moment.

  • Well, the absurd thing about the sign up is that they just require a U.S. zip code. I’m sure I’ve probably breached some kind of agreement, but zip codes are not hard to come by. I entered the zip code of a certain company in Cupertino, CA. :-)

  • Hah… 90210 is easy enough to remember and use when necessary!

    What I’d really be interested in, is a Pandora-type tool for my own music library (in Winamp or iTunes or whatever). So when the mood strikes, I can play a particular kind of music without having to have a playlist for it already.

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