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If you’re fed up with visiting my site (boo hoo!) but still enjoy the content (yay!) then you can now subscribe via e-mail. Click on this link here or that link down there in the sidebar. I think it works, and will test it, but by all means give it a go. I promise I won’t be selling your e-mail addresses to spammers (well, not unless they pay me a really big wad of cash).

p.s. It uses the Subscribe2 plug-in from Skippy.

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  • I’ve been trying to get to your post on upgradingand the links don’t work and I thought I’d let you know. And while email notification of updates is nice, a contact page would be even better. ;-) There are several WordPress plugins which add contact forms and you can find them at

    The site is looking great and it’s odd why that one post isn’t working right. Good luck with things and thanks for the link to my post on upgrading to WordPress 2.0!

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