More viral beer ads

Not that the advertising world is totally lacking in originality or anything (ahem), but following on from the success of Carlton & United Breweries’ viral Big Ad campaign comes another amusing (but not quite as amusing as the Big Ad) campaign called For The Love of Beer for Toohey’s New – a beer from Lion-Nathan.

In a very incestuous twist of fate, the visual effects for The Big Ad were created by Animal Logic, where I used to work, and the visual effects on For the Love of Beer were created by Fin Design who’s website the crew at Binalogue and I designed.

I’m happy to see great creative work, but it’s a shame to see the ad world not go that bit further with the viral concept and just copy what exists. Australian advertising still fails to impress on this front.

Beyond the single jab – the multi-touch interface


Robert just sent me a YouTube link to Jeff Han’s amazing Multi-Touch interface.

It allows multiple points of contact, which means you can do things like drag apart with two fingers (or fingers and thumb) to scale, etc. or to join things together by simply dragging them together. From the video it seems like it really creates some intuitive and playful interaction. I’d love to see it in action. As Rob said, it’s very much a Minority Report-style interface.

Here’s the technical info from Jeff’s site:

The drafting table style implementation shown here measures 36″x27″, is rear-projected, and has a sensing resolution of better than 0.1″ at 50Hz. Stroke event information is sent to applications using the lightweight OSC protocol over UDP.

You should be able to view the YouTube video below if you have the latest Flash plug-in.

Our VW Polo for sale!


I don’t normally use my blog for my daily personal stuff as I try to stick to the themes of play, online culture, technology and writing. But we’re moving back to Germany on the 31st of March and need to sell our VW Polo here in Australia so every avenue helps.

Details here on the SMH website. AU$12,900 ono.

UPDATE: It’s sold. – a replacement for Pandora (already)? banner

Not long ago I wrote about Pandora the service that allows you to find music similar to your own tastes. It trawls through the Music Genome Project database to find similarly indexed tracks with fairly detailed tags such as “thick vocal harmonies” or “acoustic guitar riffs”, etc. In general I find it a great way to set up “radio stations” to listen to. The only problem sometimes is that you get a load of stuff that all sounds the same, as you might expect — that’s the idea after all.

But I was snooping around my friend Knotty’s blog over at [Knottorious Tumblelog] and I noticed a link to his profile. So I checked it out and is a kind of combination of Pandora and Flickr. Basically a music database similar to Pandora but one which uses a social networks and tagging to make the relevant recommendations. So far they have been pretty good and there are some entertaining features like the tag cloud (Rock is, of course, the biggest. Sigh) as well as some free-standing players and media player plugins.

So, I’m giving it a go and the question is: Which works better – he Pandora database and algorithm or real people tagging music? So far I think Pandora is winning, but I’ll keep listening.

ONEDOTZERO_10: Call for submissions

onedotzero logo

Time for any of my ex or current students and general creative bods to send out their DVDs. onedotzero, the world’s largest digital film festival, is open for submissions for the 10th festival. I’m very glad to say that I hope to be able to actually go and see it this year too! (But shush, that’s a secret right now).

Here are the official announcement details:

onedotzero is currently open for submissions of original moving image work for the tenth annual festival, taking place at the ica, london, 02-11 june 2006.

the annual london festival is the first stop in onedotzero’s global network of festivals, onedotzero tours across the uk, europe, the baltics, the americas and australasia, reaching over 60 cities in 2005.

the festival is committed to providing a home for visionary moving image experimentation, so that both established and emerging talent can thrive side by side, and remain accessible to all.

onedotzero_10 is open for submissions of original moving image work for the following programming areas:

wow + flutter: experimental explorarions in motion graphics. preference will be placed on new work created for, or premiering at the festival.

wave length: music videos. innovative work from the most adventurous music promo directors around.

extended_play: narrative shorts

j-star: innovative japanese short-form work rarely seen outside of japan

documentaries: radical short and feature-length original documentaries.

fashion: highlighting fashion’s collision with the fields of graphic design, illustration, and new forms of moving image

environment: films dealing with architecture, rural, and urban environments.

early deadline for submissions: fri 24 feb 2006

onedotzero_10, ica, london. may/june 2006 – exact dates tbc.

Check out for full submission form and guidelines.

New work from Binalogue

Binalogue Logo

My friends (and ex-students) over at Binalogue recently re-vamped their site (though being the perfectionists they are it’s going to have even more done soon). Go check it out as there is some very nice, clean work on there. Great typography too, especially considering that we never taught them any (ha ha!).