Throwies – LED Graffiti

Throwies Close Up Throwies in Action

I can’t believe I haven’t come across the Instructables website before – it’s a kind of collaborative How To for all sorts of things. These Throwies are a great addition from the Graffiti Research Lab (good name), which is part of the generally excellent stuff going on over at Eyebeam OpenLab.

Throwies are basically an LED, a battery and a magnet all taped together so that you can throw them at ferromagnetic materials (you know, steel sculptures and cars…) and they stick. Very playful, very amusing, very clever. The only big downside is throwing away lithium batteries…

The Graffiti Research lab have a great clip of them in action and the Instructables site has, as you would imagine, instructions on how to make them.

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  • Ooh, I’m a sucker for uselessly awesome thingy-m-ajigs. Have you been on Thinkgeek ? It’s got loads of awesome/useless gadget things on there- my favourite being this. Anyways, hope you’ve been enjoying the germans.


  • Hehe, my friend Emily and I have started making these throwies in the last week. It’s really fun and easy, but the cost of lithium batteries can hurt this art student’s pocket…

    The main downside we’ve faced so far is that the so called ferromagnetic painted buildings don’t seem to exist in Sydney (or if they do, it’s hard to find). Throwing them onto garage doors are fun, and getting local drunk people to throw them is also fun and very much a communal activity. They even stick to the ball sculptures outside The Hub in Newtown.

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