May 2006

Necessary Procrastination

by Andy Polaine on May 31, 2006

Interaction guru, John Maeda suggests that procrastination might be useful after all (hey, I bet that’s what you’re doing right now right? Reading my blog…).

“Necessary procrastination” is a prime factor in the creative process. When the cost of procrastination increases, the probability for radical new thoughts to emerge increases as well. The thought you never thought you would ever need, is often the one that can count the most in the big scope of things.

If you’re one of my students, check out his thesis tips whilst you’re at it.

Right then. I’m off to surf the web a bit more until that great idea pops-up.


New BMW ‘Say No’ Ad

by Andy Polaine on May 26, 2006

in General

Whilst writing that story about You Tube I spied BMW’s new “So No To Compromise” ad and website. It’s a US ad and is aimed at giving BMW a bit more “heart” apparently.

BMW saying no - a communal affair

The site itself features the ability for you (yes you the web-surfing, blogging, public) to upload an image and tell the world what you say no to. It’s all a bit Flcikr-esque and not dissimilar to Jon Harris’s projects. Clearly they’re plugging into the whole social network, public content idea. But I wonder if this is really the best way to do it? Something akin to what real BMW drivers actually do might be more interesting. I’m suspicious that those aren’t ‘real’ people either.

Not sure about the compromise idea either, after all BMW, as with most German car manufacturers, have been given a panning for their declining build quality recently.

In any case, most designers I know don’t get paid enough to buy a top-of-the-line BMW (BMW are apparently wanting to appeal to the ‘creative class’ in the USA) although here in Germany, as you might expect, they are ten-a-penny.

One thing: I would like to just say “No!” to BMW drivers tailgating me at 200km/h on the autobahn flashing their lights as if that’s not fast enough. But usually giving them the finger does the trick.


You Tube Advertising Dollars

May 26, 2006

Some enlightening “theoretical” figures being bounced around in Endgaget’s series about You Tube’s potential for generating revenue. Writer Stephen Speicher even came up with a new metric – “Eyeball Minutes” (but are these adjusted to account for those with only one eye?)

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Fake Beer in Germany

May 26, 2006

Fake beer? In Germany? Sacrilege!

Read on.. you know you want to…

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Get Smart with your metering

May 22, 2006

Quick post about the BBC’s story on Smart Meters – the meters, designed by More Associates show you exactly where all your energy is going. The theory (and practice, it seems) being that when you know what you’re using, you use less. It’s a good example of how decent interface design (not to mention a […]

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Finland in Euro Monster Rock Shock

May 21, 2006

Once again I ‘accidentally’ ended up watching the Eurovision Song Contest. No really, I was reading and had the TV on in the background. Anyway, once again I ended up only seeing the re-cap of the performances and all of a sudden it’s like a scene from Lord of the Rings meets Black Sabbath – Finland’s entry was absolutely mad genius. What in Middle-Earth are they drinking up there in the fjords?

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New theme

May 20, 2006

It’s about time I had a new theme I felt. Noodling around with themes is a great way to fritter away real working time. As usual I haven’t had time to design one myself as I’ve been working on other things (like noodling around with themes… ahem), but thanks to the folks at Oinam for […]

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Warner Bros. to distribute via BitTorrent

May 18, 2006

I can’t believe I missed this story last week – – but Warner Bros. have finally started to get their head around the idea that BitTorrents are the most efficient way to distribute large files online and have announced they’ll start seeding their movies when released onto DVD. So, only about three years too late and after trying to shut down most BitTorrent servers for ages.

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Khronos Projector – turning back time

May 18, 2006

I’m having a depressing time for “things I wish I had made” right now. The Khronos Projector is a flexible screen that laser-tracks your movements and flexing of the screen. It then calculates the surround pixels’ positions in “time” from a piece of video.

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The Real World

May 13, 2006

Ever noticed that the usual world map you see in atlases doesn’t really reflect the land-mass of the countries (the Northern Hemisphere countries are actually much smaller that they look). What about representing the world in relation to, say, the export/import of clothes. That is exactly what the Worldmapper website does…

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