Schlossplatz in Berlin showing the City Castle Schlossplatz in Berlin showing the GDR's parliament building

ART+COM have just launched a project called Timescope, which is allows you to visually travel through time using a telescope like the ones commonly mounted on the top of historic buildings.

Instead of zooming in and out over distance, you do it over time so that you can see how the cityscape has changed over the years. In Berlin it has obviously changed a great deal thanks to the World Wars.

More info and the Berlin site here.

(Images stolen from ART+COM).

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  • We just had Patrick and Dennis from ART+COM over at NetX for a talk, they showcaased some projects and we discussed different working methods. This was especially interesting since they constantly work in innovative environments and the client might not even have a total grasp of what you are striving for. Regarding this latest project, it also has link into ART+COMs own history, the re-visiting of Invisible Shape of Things Past

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