The Power of Red Buttons

Having just mistyped a domain name and been sent to one of those really irritating ‘parked domain’ search pages, I saw this pop-up.

The Fart Button Pop-Up

Normally, I wouldn’t click on anything screaming out “spyware, click me!”. But look at it. A nice shiny red button that promises a fart gag. An invitation to play if ever there was one.

I couldn’t resist. Of course it took me to a site that wanted to download some kind of nasty .exe file (I like being on a Mac). No danger for me, then, but one of the best junk pop-ups I have seen for a while. There’s got to be a lesson in interactivity and marketing there. Somewhere. Or am I just really juvenile?

2 Replies

  • i was really dissapontied that there was in fact no fart when is pressed the button. I agree, this add was very effective,not only can it be utilised in any situation for any product, but number of people curious enough to press this banner is in the millions.

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