Inane Searches

by Andy Polaine on February 24, 2007

Sometimes I trawl through Playpen’s stats to see how people find me. (Yes, yes, navel gazing – don’t tell me you don’t do it too). Anyway, I always find the search phrases amusing and I noticed a bit of a trend:

  • i hate carphone warehouse
  • why i hate mobile phone
  • i hate working in a mobile phone shop

Then there are those that are simply odd/funny:

  • what do you call those playpens at the park? [who puts a query like that into a search engine?]
  • top hat and tails for hire
  • tv vs internet
  • woman in short leg cast
  • why people feel emotional
  • scary photographs
  • bauhaus stolen
  • hit and run accident finchley road
  • drunk

It makes sense why they ended up here. But I don’t suppose they stayed long.

Why do I blog this? It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m procrastinating. Give me a break.

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1 tim rudder March 1, 2007 at 11:15 am

haha. gotta love it. by posting this your google ranking for all those terms has probably increased.

“Andy Polaine and godzilla in bikini mud wrestling.”

hehe. see how long it takes for google to pick that one up.

2 Andy Polaine March 1, 2007 at 11:44 am

Don’t you start, I’ve already had this game over at Iain’s Crackunit blog

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