March 2007

Jonathan Harris Coolhunting Video

by Andy Polaine on March 27, 2007

Jonathan Harris on Coolhunting

Following up on my recent post about Jonathan Harris’s new work, Universe, Mike alerted me to this video interview with Jon on Coolhunting.

It’s always interesting to see a person talk whom I have interviewed via e-mail before (I’ll post my interview with Jon in my interviews archive soon). It’s also fascinating to see all those notebooks of his – clearly he’s someone who is totally absorbed with cataloguing and arranging information, combined with a deep-felt philosophy about the interconnectedness of us all.

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Google Map anomolies and Twitter

by Andy Polaine on March 27, 2007

Two posts in one, what a bargain.

Google Maps goes Escher

Karl sent me a link to Craig’s Flip Flop Flying blog because of his post about Google Maps anomalies. Basically as Google stitches together maps the aerial perspective gets mashed up. So you end up with these weird M.C. Escher maps. What’s amazing is how seamless they are. I wonder if any of these tile overlaps are done by hand or whether it’s all automated?


And as if that wasn’t enough Google Maps goodness for you, Yacco posted about Twitter Vision, a Google Maps mash-up showing the location of people’s Twitters in real-time. It’s inane (as Twittering is) but fascinating too to see the interweb working in real time – I’m always amazed to see how much activity is going on with these things.


37 Signals interview

March 26, 2007

In keeping with my re-release of prior interviews and articles I have written, here is the one with the good folks at 37Signals. It’s a little out of date in terms of some of the content and applications they refer to, but the wisdom is still there and worth a read. 37signals – Less is […]

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Reveal your Hidden Life

March 20, 2007

We all have inner thoughts, secrets and dreams that we fail to manifest and carry around with us like shiny gems hidden in our pockets. After a while they weigh you down, so why not reveal them? You might find someone else feels exactly the same. Justin McMurray has just put the finishing touches to […]

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Master of the Universe

March 19, 2007

I’ve written a few times about the work of Jonathan Harris and We Feel Fine remains one of my favourite combinations of data visualisation combined with a brilliant interface that gives an insight into that data’s meaning.    His new project is called Universe, a piece he has created for the interconnected news service, Daylife, […]

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Interview on WorldChanging

March 9, 2007

A quick pointer to an interview about the Creative Waves VIP Project with Rick Bennett and I on the very excellent If you’ve been wondering what it’s all about and why it might be interesting to take part, then have a read. Thanks to Regine for writing it too. p.s. If you haven’t bought […]

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Goodbye Lilian

March 3, 2007

It’s not been an easy year for deaths in the family. Although I rarely post personal things on my blog, for some reason – at least to me – it feels like way of honouring someone passing away. My Grandma, Lilian Dines, made it to 97 – which is an amazing age for anyone to […]

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Browser OS and applications from Xcerion

March 3, 2007

Information Week’s story about Xcerion, a Swedish software company building what is pretty much a browser-based (read: XML) operating system is interesting. As the article suggests, if it actually works and they can get it out there it has the potential to radically alter the dynamics of the operating system/application landscape, but they are essentially […]

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Adaptive Path research Second Life. Yawn.

March 2, 2007

It’s been interesting (in that way that your mum says your clothes are ‘interesting’) to see all the hype excitement about Second Life build over the last year. Andrew Crow over at Adaptive Path is doing some research on it with his Second Life Project. <img src=’’ width=’400′ height=’80’ alt=’Adaptive Path’s Second Life Project’ /> […]

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