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  • I’ll be going so I’ll let you know what it’s like. I hope it’s better than the riflemaker.org website. I had to phone them to find out when the show ends.

  • Well, I went to the show. I must say that for a man of his standing in these things I was dissappointed. His books are inspirational but making the leap to the gallery seems to far, as if the playfullness that was present in his coding sketches isn’t lofty enough to show. The Sakamoto playing in the gallery was good though. I’d rather read about his process and inspirations than see it try to become art in itself.

  • Shame. I’ve seen some of his stuff on display in Germany and had a bit of a similar reaction. I’m not much of a fan of exhibiting interactive works in art galleries anyway, I don’t think they’re the right environment.

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