September 2007

This Happened, Once Again

by Andy Polaine on September 28, 2007

As Knotty pointed out in the comments, Chris O’ Shea will be hosting This Happened in conversation with Crispin Jones, Rory Hamilton, The Science Of, Massimo Banzi and Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi).

It’s on Tuesday 2nd October at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green in London. Tickets are currently sold out, but you can register in case any places become available.

Thanks Knotty, and tell us how it goes!


Out of Bounds interview with Chris O’ Shea

by Andy Polaine on September 27, 2007


Chris O’ Shea recently completed Out of Bounds during his residency at the Design Museum. Chris also writes the very good Pixelsumo from which I frequently steal links draw inspiration and I’ve been a little remiss about blogging this earlier, but Chris promised to also put some video documentation up online (which helps explain the project) and also agreed to do a short interview.

Out of Bounds makes real the childhood fantasy of having superhero X-Ray vision to explore parts of the Design Museum that are normally not accessible to the public. It’s also an extremely playful piece that, as Chris puts it, encourages adults to “relinquish the learnt behaviour of adulthood and reconnect with the wonderment of youth.”

Click the read link for the interview…. [click to continue…]


Interactive Wall of ‘Water’

September 25, 2007

Camera-tracking along with multi-touch seem to be unstoppable at the moment. This is an interactive wall of ‘water’ for Lenovo’s HQ in North Carolina. I really like the simple interaction, but I think the leaping logo is pretty cheesy. (You’re in the HQ, for goodness sake, you need to remind people of the brand.) (Via […]

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Dan Saffer on Design Research Lies

September 24, 2007

Brilliant clip of Dan Saffer doing the start of his How To Lie With Design Research talk at the 2007 Design Research conference. If you’ve ever been to pretty much any conference (but especially design education ones) and heard someone just spout nonsense for half an hour, you’ll enjoy Dan pointing out the elephant in […]

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Light on Pixelsumo

September 22, 2007

Nice set of posts on playful, interactive household lights from Chris over at Pixelsumo. I’m particularly partial to Hector Srrano’s Superpatata above (partly because of the name I think) and also Demelza Hill’s Reveal Lighting. Good to see Yuko Taguchi’s wind down clock that she made for the Hulgerisation project in there too. Nik Roope […]

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Respect for Akismet

September 21, 2007

Akismet does an amazing job, it has to be said. Comment spammers do a terrible job. [tags]spam, akismet[/tags]

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Google Moon faked in a holodeck

September 19, 2007

I’m not actually a believer that NASA faked the moon landings but had an amusing moment looking through Google’s wonderful new Google Moon where there aren’t enough images to complete the 360-degree panorama. The result is that you see the grid of the pano and it looks like the backdrop of a studio. Or a […]

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The Changing Culture of Mobile Phones

September 19, 2007

In France at least (which is good, because we usually only get a very Anglo-Saxon view of these things). Experientia have translated the summary of a report by The French Association of Mobile Operators on the changing culture of mobile phone usage. Some of the really interesting points are about mobiles becoming collective items passed […]

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Evolution of Dance vs. Titanic

September 19, 2007

I’ve just been chatting with my online students in Australia about emerging media and it led me to do some quick sums on the merits of Titanic, the biggest grossing movie of all time, and Evolution of Dance, the most popular video on YouTube ever. So, Judson Laipply’s frankly rubbish Evolution of Dance comes in […]

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Podcast of Creative Collaboration and The Future of Education

September 18, 2007

If you have been missing the sound of my voice (or have no idea what my faltering, mumbling sounds like) the podcast of my seminar at Urban Learning Space about Creative Collaboration and The Future of Education that I posted about a couple of weeks back is now available from ULS’s iTunes feed. There’s a […]

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