Podcast with Matt Clark from United Visual Artists

Matt Clark from UVA at Core77 Broadcasts

Following on from my last post about Hereafter, my podcast interview with Matt Clark from United Visual Artists is now online at Core77.

We chat about a range of UVA’s work, process and interactivity. Matt gives some great insights into working across disciplines and the exciting and emerging field of interactive installations much more tightly integrated into architecture rather than being a last-minute add-on, as well as using their skills and techniques to create stunning visuals for video. My thanks to Matt for his time – have a listen and let me know what you think.

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  • what are you doing with your voice, Andy, silky smooth…at first I thought it was somebody else (not that your voice isnt pleasant) doing the intro for you. that would have been weird. oh and good podcast as well.

  • Ha ha. Nothing special, just recording it as well as I can. Actually the mic is nothing special, it’s Apple’s external iSight camera, but the noise cancelling in it works really well.

    Apart from that, recording quite close to the mic (hence occasional popping as I have no pop shield) and then getting the EQ right. I think part of it is the contrast to the Skype quality though.

    (All those years studying film and video making finally come into use).

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