Fireside chat with Brendan Dawes


I promised to put online the chat I had with magneticNorth’s Creative Director, Brendan Dawes, from when we were at Flash On the Beach 07.

I’ve been a bit tardy with it because I’ve been really busy, but finally you can enjoy our ramblings. You can listen to the Fireside Chat with Brendan Dawes in the player below or download it directly here.


The book of Brendan’s that we mentioned, Analogue In, Digital Out is highly recommended.

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  • Hi Andy, That’s a great piece of audio (from two very knowledgeable people in our industry).

    I had to cancel my plans to be at FOTB_07 (will catch you next year) so this is exactly the kind of bar chat I sadly missed.

    Aside from the presentations and cool parties, these kind of human-to-human interactions and conversations are the exact reason(s) that I attend.

    Many thanks for recording this and posting it. Brendan is such a natural and fitting voice of our generation.

    In my humble opinion I hope that in the years and decades and centuries that pass, that these types of files will be looked at as the ‘cogitations and ponderings of new media masters’ as part of a new century art movement.

    that statement probably doesn’t make much sense so its totally open to mis-interpretation by anyone (and that could be a good thing).

    maybe best explained over beer


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