IKEA Complete Bedroom


I seem to be having a bit of an IKEA theme going on at the moment.

Following on from the Dream Kitchen site there’s a nice new piece called The Complete Bedroom.

It uses the same kind of multi-angle video technique that the other versions use, though this one is simpler. It has some nice quick-cut segments as you switch between each bedroom to contrast the hectic lives of those we are observing with the relaxing bedroom zone.

In terms of interactivity it’s very simple and the charm is really down to the filming and music, which is what ad guys are good at. But I think it’s a good blend of digital and traditional approaches.

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2 Replies

  • Hope your dream bedroom has memory foam beds inside it:)) Never forget about that because such a bed can make you sleep as a baby and we all seek that, don't we?

  • Okay, so this is a spam comment, but I'm replying anyway.

    No way. I have one of those memory foam mattresses and it's the worst
    material ever, sold expensively as something special, when it's
    actually cheap rubbish. My next mattress will be a proper sprung one.

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