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  • I did a similar project as part of my masters, called the “pic me up” project, we left a series of cameras and instructions in boxes located around melbourne and asked people to pic up the camera, take a picture of something beautiful or significant and pass the camera on, then return it when the camera was done, we got some interesting pictures but did lose a few cameras

  • I really like this kind of thing, like Book Crossing and 100 Journals. It’s sad when stuff just gets binned or stolen though. I think it says a lot about the city’s personality.

    Even tying the camera with a piece of string to the bench seemed to deter the casual theft though. If it was in London I expect it would have been ‘cleaned’ by some municipal busybody or by police in case it was a terrorist threat…

  • tying down the camera would deter the casual thief, but would limit the pictures you would get back to a specific location, it was interesting as we got emails describing the pictures the users had taken but in some cases we never saw the photo.

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