The Designers Review of Books (Nearly)


Playpen has been a little quiet recently because I’ve had my folks over from the UK and a heap of work on, one of which is The Designers Review of Books, a website/blog I’m putting together that will purely review design books – or rather books for designers. I know several design sites out there have the occasional book review, but there doesn’t appear to be a central place that I have found.

With some design help from Matt Willis (and the lovely Buffet Script from Sudtipos) the design is nearly there, but needs some WordPress integration, etc.

Once it’s up and running I’ll be announcing it properly and also looking for guest reviewers.

2 Replies

  • Great! Can’t wait Andy.

    What kind of “design” books will you be reviewing? Any book that falls within the broad “design” spectrum? Or just interaction design?

  • Believe or not this is one of the biggest dilemmas. I originally was going to categorise them, but then soon realised that a book might belong to several or no categories, kind of making them useless. So I might do 2D, 3D and Interaction as broad categories.

    To answer you more specifically, not just interaction design but plenty of other design books including some that aren’t really about design at all but I think are really useful for designers to read and know about.

    The only thing that might get left out is architecture because it’s an area that I have much less knowledge about and I think is already well-serviced, but if someone out there wants to write reviews on architecture books, I’m happy to hear from them.

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