Time Smear Download

Time Smear Long Punch

Photo by Greg Turner

Whilst writing up my Time Sketches work I realised I never put it up for download anywhere.

Now I have and you can download an OS X version of Time Smear and play with it in the comfort of your very own home. If you want to change the settings, use the top three rows of keys on your keyboard (i.e., 1-9, QWERTY… and ASDF…). There are no other instructions, it might break, it might not work at all and the only way to save an image is to make a screenshot (the piece was all about the interaction not the image really. Just play around and see.

I haven’t made a PC version because I don’t have a licence for the Windows version of the Xtra it uses. Someday (read: probably never) I might do a Processing version of it.