Twittering Mad Men


What a weird meta media world we live in. I tweeted that I was off to watch Mad Men only to find this morning that I am being followed on Twitter by Peggy Olson from We Are Sterling Cooper.

I’m obviously way behind in this story, apparently AMC did the usual “Take it down! No, wait, apparently you young folk love it!” our-lawyers-have-no-idea-what-they-are-doing dance a while back.

(I bet the real Sterling Cooper – “consulting mechanical engineers” (as opposed ones who just go around mechanically engineering stuff without asking?) – have seen their web traffic rise. Shame their website is straight out of 1995).

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  • oh, i just wrote 1959 for the sake of flipping the digits. i am not the biggest ‘mad men’ expert, but sme scenes made me chuckle since i keep experiencing the echo of their thinking in today’s big agencies…

  • I’m sure part of the success is that they act out what most agency guys still think inside, but now keep quiet about.

    I’ve heard some awful (and sadly true) agency cliché stories from recent years though – bowls of coke at Christmas parties, affairs all over the place, lavish gifts to the girls that have been ‘had’ by the MD… It’s real head in the hands stuff.

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