Homeland Security – Worst Alert Box Ever

by Andy Polaine on January 2, 2009

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I’m on the interactive jury for the Art Directors Club Awards this year, which I am very chuffed about. Not least because I get the chance to go to New York for the first time ever.

Of course, the USA’s Department of Homeland Security being what it is, I have to give them plenty of personal information via one of the most awfully designed forms ever. But the real alert box abuse is this:


User experience FAIL.

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1 C. IRIS January 30, 2009 at 11:40 am

Welcome to the USA!

Lucky you going to NYC (my hometown)….definitley go to the Met Museum (Metropolitan Museum of Art), eventually tear yourself away & out into the cold, walk down 5th Ave. along Central Park or Madison Ave., interesting shops/windows to Rockefeller Center (50th & 5th). (The Plaza’s at 59th & 5th). Warm up in St. Patricks Cathedral across the street from Rockefeller Ctr.and then do the tourist thing there, watch the skaters, etc.. The Art Deco statues, relief on the buildings, etc.. is beautiful.
As a matter of fact I recommend doing a few other tourist things, like going to Times Square at nite, the lights are a trip….I really get into fotographing there… to the top of the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station (42nd st. & Park), dinner in Chinatown & dessert in Little Italy (a few blocks away)!

Downtown at the Battery take a ride on the Staten Island ferry back & forth past the Statue of Liberty it’s a fun inexpensive adventure.

The best thing about NYC is walking….it’s all happening on the street! The subway is ok to get around, but taking the bus is really cool, cause you get to see everything on your way.

SO…that’s some of what this New Yorker does when she’s in the city. Oh yeah…get a slice, be careful the oil drips down your arm…but it’s really good stuff. (slice = pizza).
I have one fav vegetarian restaurant not far from the Met, if you’re into that cuisine (they serve beer/wine) let me know if you want the address. Then walk it off per above!!

PS. The Guggenheim is just a few blocks north of the Met…but I hardly ever go there….I can spend my whole time in NYC in the Met, I grew up in that museum & MOMA (53rd off 5th)!


2 Andy Polaine January 30, 2009 at 1:15 pm

All good stuff – I’m looking forward to it! Hope I have the time to do even a bit of it though, only there for a few days and have quite a schedule.

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