Storytelling, Pitching and Synthetic Realities at UX Australia 2019

I’m heading back to Australia in August forUX Australia 2019 where I’ll be running a workshop on Storytelling & Pitching for Designers and giving a presentation on Design in the Age of Synthetic Realities, which is my take on what the rise of AI-generated media means for creators (much more than it means for consumers of that media, I believe).

Hope to catch up with old friends and acquaintances there, so come and say hi.

Also, first person to mail me their registration for my workshop gets a signed copy of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation.

Service Experience Conference 2017 Closing Keynote

I had the pleasure of giving the closing keynote at the Adaptive Path Service Experience Conference 2017. There was a fantastic line-up of speakers and now all of the videos and decks are online on their summary of the conference.

I really recommend taking a look at all the talks, but I’ve embedded mine below (which might not work in the RSS feed):

Andy Polaine // Designing Living Services // The Service Experience Conference 2017 from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Antirom 20th Anniversary Event

Antirom Splash

REWIND to 1995 – A collective of young Londoners launches Antirom, a CD-ROM of experimental interactive software, at Cameraworks gallery in Bethnal Green. The many brief, playful, funny ‘toys’ on the disc have quite an influence in interaction design circles.

FFWD to 2015 – Generations of computer hardware rush past leaving Antirom unplayable on any current device.

But now Antirom is coming back to the East End so you can have a go (again?). We’re having a party, and talking about interaction design hosted by Protein’s Studio 2 Gallery at EC2A 3EY.

There’s a panel discussion and demos on Friday 27th Feb and a party in the evening. Saturday 28th will see another panel discussion about the history of the interactive interface and a chance to drop-in and play with some of these early interactives on the original hardware.

I’m flying to London for a couple of days just to be there, so I would love to see you there.

Some of the events need a (free) RSVP so we can gauge numbers. You can find all the details on the antirom website.

Presentation Notes to my Design to the Powers of Ten UX Futures Talk

Join me for Interaction 14 South America


Update: The workshops are now open for registrations and there are early bird discounts available.

I’m super looking forward to taking part in Interaction 14 South America in Buenos Aires where I’ll be giving a talk and running a workshop on Creación y Blueprinting Servicios Multicanal (sounds good huh?). I’ve never had the chance to visit Buenos Aires and always wanted to. I’m only sad I can’t stay longer (then I would have brought my family too).

An added bonus is that this is a conference in which I know almost all the other speakers. It’s a fantastic line-up and many of them are Rosenfeld Media authors, but most of them I have never met in the flesh.

If you’re going to be coming along, ping me a tweet. Your friendly “consultor de servicio y diseño de interacción, escritor y educador.”

UX Week 2014 Blueprinting Workshop

IMG 6295

Hint: The future of air travel is not this

If you’re here, you were probably at my workshop on Developing Services with Service Blueprinting for UX Week 2014 or someone pointed you here.

By the end of the week, I’ll post my slides here, but for the moment, you can download the following: Update – The slides are here now too:

Some links

Brief: The future of air travel

From its early days of luxury for the few, air travel has become commonplace. Cheaper fares from low-budget airlines have made air travel as affordable as taking the train, sometimes more so. At the same time, security theatre and the complexity of multiple third-party services have made flying a series of irritations that lead to a frustrating experience. We rush from one stage to the next only to wait around for ages. We are sold poor quality food at high prices and directed through duty-free shopping malls to appease our boredom and encourage us to consume. Airports have lost any sense of adventure and engaging experience they once had. As fuel prices will inevitably rise, it is clear that the days of budget air travel are numbered. What happens then?

You brief is simple: reinvent the experience of air travel for 2030. This is just 16 years from now, so no flying cars or Star Trek transporters, but enough time for innovations in communications and customer experiences, as well as the reduction of resource consumption, to become the norm.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What kind of experience should your service be? Start there and focus on a couple of key touchpoints to begin with. Then expand outwards.
  • What are the highs and lows of air travel? Where are the cracks between the different elements of the services?
  • How could transitions between stages and across channels be improved or reinvented?
  • What elements are considered the norm but could be reimagined?
  • What kind of experiences, services or paradigms could you borrow from another sector and apply here (e.g., what would be the IKEA or the Airbnb of air travel?)

The brief itself is really just a vehicle for you to get your minds around service design blueprinting and to use some of the methods, but it is much easier to learn this by doing rather than by just hearing about it.

Here is what would be good to try and achieve today:

  1. Some quick and dirty insights research (go out and speak to people, use your social networks).
  2. The logline. A one line headline and a brief introductory description of what your concept is.
  3. Create a service blueprint that details how people may use the service across relevant channels and touchpoints. What backstage elements need to be in place?
  4. Visualise how the service might appear in key touchpoints as a storyboard or sequence of sketches
  5. Pitch the idea in a three-minute presentation

The short URL for this page is

Talk & Workshops at UX Week 2014

UX Week

It has been a long time since I have been in San Francisco, so I am thrilled to have been invited to give a presentation and two workshops at Adaptive Path’s UX Week 2014 there in September.

My schedule is the following:

Wednesday, Sep. 10, 2014, 9:00AM
Workshop Abstract: Developing Services with Service Blueprinting | Day 2

Thursday, Sep. 11, 2014, 9:00AM
Workshop Abstract: Developing Services with Service Blueprinting | Day 3

Friday, Sep. 12, 2014, 10:00AM
Talk Abstract: Designing Multichannel Services for Lives Beyond the Screen

I have been asked a couple times about how much overlap there will be between my workshop and Chris Risdon’s Experience Mapping one and whether it is worth going to both. Chris and I have swapped notes already and will do so again nearer the time. We aim to make sure the two workshops dovetail into each other nicely and we will reference each other’s workshops. So the answer is, of course it’s worth going to both – they’ll make a great package together!

If you’re going to be coming along, please ping me a tweet and say hi. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the other speakers there and catching up with U.S. friends and contacts. I don’t get to go to the States nearly as often as I would like.