Service Design in Tourism 2012 announced

Switzerland, like Austria (where Service Design in Tourism is being held), has a big tourism industry. Mainly in the mountains, of course, but also the lakes and beyond. It’s good to see Marc Stickdorn and friends have got a conference together on service design and tourism:

Service Design in Tourism” is the first international conference on service design thinking in the travel and tourism industry. The conference is the closing event of the project “Service Design in Tourism” funded by the European Union under the CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, and hosted by MCI – Management Center Innsbruck, Department of Tourism. The conference aims to bring together a community interested in the practical application of service design thinking within the travel and tourism industry to share experiences, connect to new people, discuss challenges, and develop future opportunities.

The program includes a presentation of the project results, key notes from experts from the field of service design and tourism as well as workshops and an interactive dinner. Researchers as well as practitioners are invited to hand in a presentation or workshop through the Call for Presentations (CfP).

Call for Presentations open until 30 March 2012.

Notice of acceptation until 30 April 2012.

Registration open from 1 April 2012.

15 fantastic data visualisations


15 fantastic data visualisations is a collection of “some of the best and most beautiful visualisations on the web that are based on time, geography, sound data and more” on .net magazine’s website.

The 15 are selected by Brian Suda, software developer, informatician and author of A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, a Five Simple Steps book.

Bus O’Clock from Sennep is cute. Just need one for Germany/Switzlerand now, please.

Accepting Less

Accepting Less is a plea from designer James Victore about getting back on the right path in life – downshifting, essentially. “Emails, chats, texts, games, pads, pods, and clouds have become a leash jerking us out of our quiet time,” he says. It’s definitely worth a read if you don’t mind the irony that you have probably arrived here from a tweet from my blog that you are reading on a smartphone.

The Myth of the Brand New Innovation Myth

The Myth of the Brand New Innovation Myth

I hear a lot of talk about innovation in my travels as an academic and consultant in service design. Innovation is not only the new black, it’s the Holy Grail. This piece from Fabio Sergio does a good job of exploding the fairly naive thinking out there about innovation. I liked this end quote very much:

“The answer lies in harnessing the positive tensions that naturally build when any existing social or cultural paradigm can be challenged by the introduction of innovative ideas, products, or services. Without a profound understanding of what people will be ready and willing to introduce into their lives, even brilliant products have regularly failed on markets not mature enough to digest their full potential. Harnessing these tensions is in itself an art that only a group of talented individuals have proven to be capable of mastering.”

Master level program in Social and Collaborative Housing: Designing, planning and managing the contemporary housing

A new Master level program in Social and Collaborative Housing: Designing, planning and managing the contemporary housing has been organized by the consortium and supported by the School of Design and the School of Civil Architecture, and by the Departments INDACO (Industrial Design, Arti, Comunicazione e Moda) and DPA (Progettazione dell’Architettura) of Politecnico di Milano.

Looks pretty interesting. In another life (or other lives) I’d love to study again.