Interaction 14 Student Design Challenge

October 14, 2013

Now in its fifth year, the IxDA Student Design Challenge will run during the Interaction14 conference in Amsterdam, February 4-8, 2014. I’m happy to be on the selection jury again, though sadly I can’t make the conference itself due to a clash with our MA final presentation. (I’m particularly sad because it’s in Amsterdam, which […]

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Service Design, The Force and Yoda

July 30, 2013

While I am down under in Melbourne later in August for UX Australia I’m going to be giving a different talk and hosting a discussion at RMIT’s DESIS Lab in the RMIT Design Hub for Service Design Melbourne. My talks is titled May The Force Be With You – Service Design for invisible connections and […]

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July 17, 2013

Anyone who has worked with me in the last few years will know my propensity to use a lot of Post-It notes. It’s a design cliché, I know, but true. I just find it really hard to think when I look at something in a big Word doc or, worse, Excel. My eyes glaze over […]

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Tile and Internet of Things Services

July 12, 2013

I have a re-occurring conversation with my MA Design students, especially those specialising in products. It goes something like this: Student: “I’m working on a new product/gadget/object.” Me: “Great, but you know you’re actually building a service?” Student: “No, no, I’m not interested in designing services. I want to design products.” Me: “But you say […]

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Backing the Kickstarter campaign for What Doesn’t Kill You

July 9, 2013

My lovely friend Rachel Meyrick has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make a feature documentary called, What Doesn’t Kill You. It’s about helping women who have survived domestic violence in the USA tell their stories. She originally made a short film for, during which she discovered some disturbing facts. For example, […]

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ALA Article on Service Design Beyond the Screen

June 30, 2013

As usual I’m behind the curve, but this time I’m behind myself, which is weird. I don’t think I’ll psychoanalyse that too much more. I am really pleased that my article Designing for Services Beyond the Screen was published this week on A List Apart. I’ve been away and blissfully offline all week, so I […]

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Storytelling for Designers

June 20, 2013

As a design educator I watch and read a lot of project presentations. I worked out the other day that I must have seen at least 2,000-3,000 student projects in my time. A key thing I have learned is that the telling of the project’s story, whether as a pitch, presentation or documentation, is as […]

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Infographic Movies

May 27, 2013

The Inforgraphic Movie blog is a rolling resource of, well, infographic movies from Swiss designer, "Hitch", who is an ex-student of ours here at HSLU. Nice collection.

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UX and Service Design in Lisbon

May 13, 2013

From UX to Service Design at UX-LX I’m heading off to Lisbon tomorrow to run a workshop at UX-LX in Lisbon called From UX to Service Design. It’s only 3.5 hours, so I’ll mainly be working with the participants on service design blueprinting. I’m really looking forward to the conference, which has great lineup and […]

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Hopscotch – programming on the iPad for kids

April 18, 2013

Hopscotch is a new programming language/environment iPad for kids. I don’t have my iPad here right now, but I’m looking forward to having a go on this. It is probably too advanced for my four year-old daughter still (I’ll have to see how necessary being able to read or write is), but it looks perfect […]

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