RGB Performance (1996-1999)

RGB Performance

RGB Performance RGB Performance

A performance of interactive sound and vision toys with Antirom members, Nicolas Roope and Joe Stephenson. Using two to three computers, vision and audio mixers we combined live performance and interactivity to create a unique audio-visual experience. Several pieces involved physical interaction such as the pressure pads pictured here (I’m the bald blue guy). We performed this in several countries around the world.

Levi Strauss & Co. Kiosk (1995-1999)

Levi's Kiosk - Production Section

Levi's Kiosk - Street Section  Levi's Kiosk - Fits Section

Several iterations of an in-store kiosk for Levi Strauss and Co. Ltd were created over a period of four years. Each season (twice a year) a new set of interactive works would be made to a theme, this also included an interactive shop window.

All material was designed, shot and programmed by antirom. The kiosk included all of the product range, the current advertising campaign and, importantly, a section that contained a number of interactive toys developed by antirom.

JAM exhibition (1996)

JAM exhibition

JAM exhibition JAM exhibition

Nine screen video wall installation for the JAM Exhibition at the Barbican Centre, London. JAM was billed as a “walk-in magazine” and featured current trendsetters across the creative industries. The exhibition was taken on tour internationally. The six screens on the left were separated from the column on the right. The left-hand screens contained interactive video pieces, whilst the right-hand column contained a selection of interactive sound engines.