Onlab’s Animated Infographic for the Audi Urban Future Summit

Audi Urban Future Summit from onlab on Vimeo.

onlab produced a lovely animation for the Audi Urban Future Summit at the Frankfurt international motor show. It’s often hard to get across abstract concepts of future services and this accomplishes it very well. From Onlab’s site:

The animation explains the implications of three types of energies that were examined on the summit: ‘Energies of Data’, ‘Energies of Social Relations’ and ‘Energies of Resources’. The complex interrelations and abstract visions are narrated by means of simple scenes and playful elements.

I like the fact they included some shots of their storyboards, complete with scribbles. It’s always interesting to see the transition from page to screen.

Little Red Riding Hood, Infographics Style

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

You have to admire the Swedish ability to indoctrinate their students with brilliant design skills.

The above Little Red Riding Hood piece by Toma Nilsson was for a college project, inspired by the Röyskopp videos and got tweeted all over the place in the last couple of weeks.

I know plenty of experienced professional designers who would love to have made that (including me), damn the man! If any of my students are reading this – that’s what I’ll be expecting at the end of the semester, okay?

Poke’s Never-Ending Web Page for Orange

I meant to post this last week but was travelling and forgot. Take a look at the never-ending web page that Poke designed for the Orange Unlimited campaign “Good Things Should Never End”. Iain also posted some secrets about the site – goodies are hidden therein.

Lovely, silly animations by Rex and some smart little interactive toys too. Infuriatingly it really does seem to never end too – I keep trying to chase my scrollbar to the bottom but the fun just keeps coming.

Apart from it being a fantastic, playful time-waster it’s also perfectly aligned with the message. Nice.

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Steve Scott – animator and illustrator to the stars


My mate and erstwhile work compadre, Steve Scott, has finally updated his website with lots of new goodies. If you’re a fan of illustration and animation, check out is work. I just whiled away a nice chunk of precious time seeing what he’s been up to.

Don’t be fooled by the Australian domain name either – he’s living in London these days, so go hire him before someone else does!

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Têtes à Claques

Têtes à Claques

One of my more brilliant ex-students, Gabi, just sent me this link to the very disturbing Têtes à Claques. It’s all in French and my schoolboy French isn’t so hot these days, but as far as I can make out it is a very amusing animation show. Gabi, who moved to Paris from Sydney a couple of years ago, tells me Têtes à Claques means ‘an ugly face that inspires you to hit the owner of the ugly face’, which I like the sound of (although Google reckons it’s ‘heads with opera hats’ – who knows?).

I’m sure everyone in the French speaking world already knows about it already, but hey, we do English and German around here so I haven’t seen it. Go check out the episode above for a taster.

(Yes, I know it’s got nothing to do with interactivity, but it’s late.)