Design Research Techniques

Design Research Techniques is an "online repository is a necessarily unfinished and evolving resource for Participatory Design Techniques. These techniques help evolve a project lifecycle through participation of multiple stakeholders including potential users or audiences, partners or internal teams."

Thanks to my colleague Axel for finding this resource. It is, indeed, unfinished, but quite a good source of design research methods (which is one of the courses I teach at HSLU).

Create a one-click expiring link is a link shortening service with a difference. You can create a URL that can only be clicked upon once.

Of course, it’s only a re-direct, so someone can always copy the redirected URL, but useful for quickly sharing things "without being tracked," as the site says.

In many ways, this is horribly wrong, because it breaks the fundamental principle of avoiding dead links on the Web, but that’s the idea I suppose.

Paleo Future


Image: Paleo Future

The future isn’t what it used to be.

Whilst looking around for an image of a flying car for a presentation, I stumbled across the fascinating (and amusing) Paleo Future blog. It’s a collection of historic attempts to predict the future with associated glamorous robots and other assorted imagery.

There’s also a Paleo Future Flickr group (where Matt got the name) and another one called In The Year 2000.

(It also lead me to a great set of images from legendary “visual futurist”, Syd Mead)