MacUpdate Promo Bundle includes Parallels

by Andy Polaine on April 22, 2008

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After the disaster I had with MacHeist I decided to go for the new MacUpdate Promo Bundle, mainly because of Sound Studio and Parallels. The last MacUpdate Promo worked well for me – none of the billing hassles of MacHeist, nor the arrogance of John Casasanta.

There are a couple of lame apps in there like Art Text and BannerZest, but also a bunch of useful utilities like Typinator, Hazel and Leap. I’ve also heard some writers rave about Story Mill. An added bonus is WhatSize, a little app that clearly shows up what’s guzzling your disk space (more useful than I had imagined).

I’m guessing that Sound Studio, at least, will get unlocked, which will save me much paid with my podcasts even if Parallels fails to make it, and the other are useful (I used to use Textpander and now Typinator all the time).

Anyway, stop reading this and go buy a bundle so that Parallels gets unlocked!

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Playpen Broke. Now Fixed. Sorry.

by Andy Polaine on April 17, 2008

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Apparently Playpen has been broken since yesterday and I didn’t notice (I was on a train from Hamburg most of yesterday). The robot running it got all lonely in his little grey cell.

Something went screwy with the WP-Cache plug-in and it was spewing error pages. If you’re reading this, it’s fixed now.

At some point I’ll be upgrading Playpen too, so get ready for it to break all over again.

Thanks to Joel for pointing it out.

Photo: DonSolo on Flickr.


No Agencies Please, You’re Not Nice

March 27, 2008

Wandering off from a post by John Hicks about staff photos I ended up on the jobs page of my mates at Poke. They have a good tip for recruitment agencies (I’ve had similar experiences): Please no agencies. You’re too expensive. And some of you are really horrible too. We do work with a couple […]

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Film Friends Forever Oscar & Bafta Screening

March 11, 2008

I don’t normally do straight plugs for things that aren’t interactive and that I’ve never heard of, but this screening at Film Friends Forever looks pretty good. £2 at the Truman Brewery. You can’t complain about that. From the blurb: Film Friends Forever is returning on the 18th March 2008 with a killer line up […]

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Philosophical 404

February 25, 2008

I know there are plenty of 404 pages out there, but I stumbled across this one today and quite liked its minimal, haiku style. That’s all. (This one is amusing too). [tags]haiku, 404[/tags]

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Got ripped off in a MacHeist? It’s a UI failure.

January 26, 2008

No, not a hold-up in McDonalds, but the MacHeist Mac software bundle sale/game. Like many, I got charged ten times and received nothing and also heard nothing back from MacHeist’s support, which is pretty lame. The culprit for all the multiple charging was a terrible bit of user-interface design, which goes to show how crucial […]

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Is your cellphone company evil?

January 23, 2008

Mine certainly is. No Evil is a great viral microsite for Net 10 that plays on the idea that cellphone companies are a bunch of money-grabbing evil madmen. Virgin have tried this tack before but now they’re part of the problem it seems. The videos are very well-made and entertainingly written (the evil villains are […]

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re/act 4th International Student Festival for Media Art

January 23, 2008

Monika tells me this is a great festival for student media-arts work. It looks good to me and I think I saw some work from it last year. It’s a good opportunity because media-art work can be expensive to build and often students are overshadowed by artists with grants who can afford some kind of […]

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Moving Between Consulting and Academia

January 8, 2008

Jon Kolko’s article, Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire: Life lessons from consulting to academia, and back again over at Core77, was a particularly pertinent read for me. As someone who still operates between both academia and consulting (and working as a journalist) I find myself alternately frustrated and relieved by both sides […]

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December 13, 2007

Here’s something nothing to do with interactivity, quite a bit to do with play. It’s Christmas after all. I still find this funny for some unexplainable reason. (Thanks to Branden at Automata Studios for this – he used it to explain how to pronounce their name).

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