Core77 Broadcast interview with Troika

by Andy Polaine on May 6, 2008

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastien and Eva from Troika, the studio behind the Cloud and All The Time In The World installations at new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. So, if you were one of the hundreds stuck at Terminal 5 when it opened, at least you had something decent to marvel at.

Troika are unusual in their combination of disciplines, I feel. It’s not so often that graphic and motion graphic design and this kind of interactive installation work come together – architecture is the more usual bedfellow.

I found it very interesting to hear them talk about the development of their creative palette and language of the objects they create as well as how some of the seemingly tiny technical issues can end up defining a massive part of the work.

You can have a listen to the interview on Core77.


Podcast interview with Jason Bruges

by Andy Polaine on April 17, 2008

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My latest Core77 Broadcast interview with Jason Bruges from Jason Bruges Studio is now online.

In a slightly echoing room in Jason’s studio, accompanied by the usual sirens and car alarms of London’s Shoreditch, he talks about his roots in architecture, the journey to interactive surfaces, sustainability and his thoughts about giving this emerging area a proper name.

Hope you enjoy it.

The next one, coming soon, is with Troika.

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37signals versus Don Norman

March 13, 2008

If there was ever a clear example of the generation gap between those who have been steeped in digital culture from the start and those who have had to adopt it later in life, the current debate between 37signals and Don Norman is it. I took note of the original article in Wired on 37signals […]

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Podcast Interview with Hector Serrano

February 14, 2008

My interview with Hector Serrano is now available on the Core77 Broadcasts page. My thanks to Hector for an entertaining chat about his playful and insightful approach to design. (Oh, and that story about that 40 year-old cloud of plastic floating off of the coast of Hawaii is explained on the Greenpeace site.) [tags]hector serrano, […]

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From the archives: Dialogue with IKEA’s Monika Mulder

February 4, 2008

Continuing the From The Archives series, here is an interview I did a while ago with one of the IKEA designers, Monika Mulder. Monika was really interesting to chat to about the IKEA process and culture, especially as many of these items are in either my or friends’ houses. She also talked about design in […]

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From the Archives: Jonathan Harris – Man of the Hour

January 10, 2008

I have been promising that I would like to upload all of the articles I have written over the years so that they might be of use for people rather than them languishing on my hard drive, but I’ve been a bit slack at actually doing so because converting them to decent HTML and fixing […]

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Fireside chat with Brendan Dawes

November 26, 2007

I promised to put online the chat I had with magneticNorth’s Creative Director, Brendan Dawes, from when we were at Flash On the Beach 07. I’ve been a bit tardy with it because I’ve been really busy, but finally you can enjoy our ramblings. You can listen to the Fireside Chat with Brendan Dawes in […]

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Podcast with Matt Clark from United Visual Artists

October 3, 2007

Following on from my last post about Hereafter, my podcast interview with Matt Clark from United Visual Artists is now online at Core77. We chat about a range of UVA’s work, process and interactivity. Matt gives some great insights into working across disciplines and the exciting and emerging field of interactive installations much more tightly […]

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Service Design with Live|Work

July 22, 2007

In another interview I’m re-publishing online, I talk with Ben Reason from service design agency, Live|Work. He explains exactly what service design is, its roots in product and interactive design and the difference between service designers and consultants, as well as the important role it has to play in a sustainable future.

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Interview with Nik Roope from Hulger & Poke

July 20, 2007

My first Core77 Broadcast with Nik Roope about Hulger has just gone online. It should become one of a series of podcasts for Core77 and I’m really pleased because it’s one of my regular reads. Core77 started out (and still bills itself) as the “industrial design supersite”, though their remit has become somewhat wider, which […]

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