Backing the Kickstarter campaign for What Doesn’t Kill You

My lovely friend Rachel Meyrick has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make a feature documentary called, What Doesn’t Kill You. It’s about helping women who have survived domestic violence in the USA tell their stories.

She originally made a short film for, during which she discovered some disturbing facts. For example, if a mother seeking custody of her children admits she has been the victim of domestic violence, judges in America are more likely to rule against her and give custody to the abusive father or his family.

She also describes what such a process is like for those women. Just imagine:

  • You have FINALLY managed to leave your partner (after, on average 5-7 attempts)
  • You have nowhere to live
  • You and your kids are living in a shelter
  • You have no money or job or friends (most likely due to the control of your abusive partner)
  • You are either a long way from your family, or afraid of what will happen to them if you involve them.
  • You are scared for your life
  • Now get yourself to court, looking sane, without a lawyer (because you have no money) and watch as the judge hands custody of your kids to the man that has abused you for years (you are more likely to win custody if you DO NOT admit you were abused). How can this possibly be happening in America today?

Obviously my social network is relatively small, but given the attention the “speaking up” wave has garnered in the technology/Web/UX community through the bravery of women like Whitney Hess, Sarah Parmenter, Leslie Jensen-Inman and Relly Annett-Baker speaking up, I think our community has an understanding and a willingness to help Rachel get her film made.

Rachel is a great filmmaker and editor, but she is still learning the Web and social media ropes. Please re-blog or re-tweet this and see if we can get her project fully-backed. If everyone who sees the tweet or read this backed the project, it would be funded in no time.

The film has a Tumblr blog here.

Kickstarting the Light Fantastic

I just backed a new Kickstarter project, Light by Moore’sCloud. What is it? Here:

The light that turns you on
Beautiful, intelligent, connected light.

Fifty-two LEDs in two million colors add up to infinite possibilities of pattern and animation. With a powerful computer and Wifi connectivity, there’s no end to the ways Moore’sCloud Light can work for you. It’s the light you’ll live your life by.

It’s a light that you can play with and connect to and come up with all sorts of ideas for. Don’t let the stills fool you into thinking it’s something as basic as Philips’s LivingColor lamps. It’s much more powerful than that. It makes more sense to watch the video:

Why am I backing it? Apart from the fact it looks like a fabulous idea, Mark Pesce is behind it. Mark was the inventor of VRML, wrote several excellent books, including The Playful World, which had a big influence on my PhD and he’s also a friend of mine. He’s no flake and I’m very certain they are going to deliver.

So far they have around $80k of their $700k goal, so go and back it and get one for yourself.

Kickstarter, Pitchforks and Torches

Kickstarter, Pitchforks and Torches – the latest update from Casey Hopkins’s Elevation Dock Kickstarter project has a priceless paragraph about the responsibility of having such a successful project:

You do not know stress until you have a successful KS project. I have had these recurring dreams of the whole internet outside my apartment with pitchforks and torches if we shipped late or the parts were crappy. And everything is magnified – any hiccups cause world-ending lows; when things go right, it’s mass euphoria. The Gantt chart I made pre-Kickstarter had a solid 4 week buffer if anything like this had to be re-tooled or changed. At this bigger than expected scale, each of the dependent steps takes longer, so that buffer time goes away and any modifications affect ship time. Looking forward to my first solid night of sleep in 4 months when we can get that first Dock out the door.