Snake the Planet!

Snake the Planet! by MPU is a new project in Sydney that takes the classic mobile phone game ‘Snake’ and “adopts it for the urban canvas”.

When ‘Snake the Planet!” is projected onto buildings, each level is generated individually and based on the selected facade. Windows, door frames, pipes and signs all become boundaries and obstacles in the game. Shapes and pixels collide with these boundaries like real objects. The multi player mode lets players intentionally block each other’s path in order to destroy the opponent.

With ‘Snake the Planet’, any facade becomes a screen for urban gaming.

MPU (Mobile Projection Unit) plans to develop the work further towards an iPad application and eventually release the code as open source for other artists and designers to build on. It’s built using the increasingly popular OpenFrameworks

Looks like a nice piece of work and – note to my students – the video does a great job of both documenting, presenting and explaining the piece.

In a nice piece of synchronicity, I just found out that one member of MPU is Rene Christen, an ex-student of mine from COFA (the other MPU members are Lukasz Karluk and Nick Clark). One of the Creative Producers was another friend, Tim Buesing. I didn’t even know they knew each other. Sydney’s a small world.

(Oh, and strictly speaking, Snake was a video game before it made it onto the Nokia. I remember playing the BBC Micro version as a kid).

re/act 4th International Student Festival for Media Art


Monika tells me this is a great festival for student media-arts work. It looks good to me and I think I saw some work from it last year.

It’s a good opportunity because media-art work can be expensive to build and often students are overshadowed by artists with grants who can afford some kind of techno utopian vision. So, crack out those Arduino boards and Processing and submit something.

Re/Act 4th International Student Festival for Media Art

In 2008, re/act, the international student festival for digital media art, takes place for the 4th time. Art and design student from all over the world are given the opportunity to make their works known to a wide audience and to make new contacts with a network of curators, cultural policy makers, gallery owners, professors, students, and the media.

re/act’s competition addresses students of artistic study programs. An international panel of experts will select the world’s best works from all entries.

Awards go to works from the following disciplines:

  • Video Art
  • Interactive Art
  • Live video & performance
  • Game Art

The deadline is February 1st 2008 and the submission form is downloadable from the re/act website.

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