Swiss Design Network coordinator job

by Andy Polaine on February 21, 2014

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The Swiss Design Network (I am the HSLU Board Member) is looking for a coordinator to support the head office located at Bern University of the Arts BUA. You can read all this on the PDF description but here are the key details:

Relevant skills/experience:

  • experience in cultural, project and event management
  • research background in cultural and/or social studies
  • ability to work independently
  • networking experience
  • excellent communication skills in English and German
  • excellent skills in the managing of web platform, CMS and social media
  • interest in design as cultural phenomenon
  • located in Switzerland with a valid work permit

It’s a part-time position, so it would suit someone doing a PhD or not in a full-time post. It’s a good opportunity to connect with the design research world in Switzerland and beyond. Please pass it on to any friends, colleagues and ex-students you might think interested.

(The SDN site appears to be down at the moment. All the more reason we need a coordinator with skills in managing a web platform)

COTEN Project Presentation at SDNC 2010

by Andy Polaine on October 19, 2010

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Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation on the COTEN Project at the Service Design Network Conference in Berlin. Here is the direct link to my COTEN slides on Slideshare and you can also view them below: