is a pretty swish new online service to easily make infographics. You can enter or upload data and use or edit the templates to create some quite beautifully designed infographics from your data. Now there is no excuse for those awful charts in Powerpoint (or Keynote for that matter).



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LastGraph has been updated. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s a data visualisation tool for your LastFM profile.

I stopped scrobbling for a while because I found the LastFM client to be a bit of a resource hog. So my graph looks a bit weird and I’m really not sure where that Shakira blip came from. I mean, I do confess to having a Shakira album in my library, but it doesn’t get played that much. I blame it on shuffle.

(Thanks Matt)

Information Design for NGOs


The Tactical Technology Collective have released a great little PDF booklet online called Visualizing Information for Advocacy: An introduction to information design.

It was designed by John Emerson, who writes the blog, Social Design Notes and is a pretty good intro to information design for anyone, not just advocacy organisations.

Because of the subject matter, it demonstrates very well how good presentation of information can be very powerful indeed. It’s packed full will lots of great examples. from the now famous Hans Rosling work on debunking myths about the third-world, to John Snow’s mapping of cholera deaths in London, made famous by Edward Tudte in Envisioning Information.

You can download it from the Tactical Technology Collective page or head straight to the direct link to the PDF.