Power of Ten

On Power of Ten I talk to guests from a broad range of disciplines about the intersection of design, technology, psychology, organisations, culture and society. We explore how design operates at many levels and in many forms, from thoughtful detail through organisational transformation to the changes in society and the world. It’s based on the thinking across different levels of ‘zoom’, inspired by the famous Ray and Charles Eames film, Powers of Ten.

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October 15, 2021

Donna Spencer - Presenting Design Work

My guest in this episode is Donna Spencer, an independent design consultant with 20-plus years of experience across the entire design spectrum – from strategy to delivery and everything in between. And, she says, she loves all of it.

Donna is recognised internationally as a leading UX practitioner, is a regular conference speaker and has written five books, including A Practical Guide To Information Architecture, Card Sorting and Presenting Design Work. Many listeners will know her for co-creating the UX Australia conference, which she ran for nine years.

Here Donna speaks about her experience, her books, the need to present design …


September 16, 2021

Alla Weinberg - Building A Culture of Safety

My guest in this episode is Alla Weinberg, the CEO of Spoke & Wheel, a learning, leadership and people development company. She is a workplace relationship expert helping companies build loving leaders, trusting teams, and cultures of safety through training, coaching, and facilitation.

Alla talks about the important topics in her book, A Culture of Safety: Building an Environment for People to Think, Collaborate, and Innovate published by Sense & Respond Press. A must read for anyone in business and, well, life.


August 16, 2021

Nikola Tosic - Open Innovation

My guest in this episode is Nikola Tosic, the founder of openinnovation.me - a social media platform which connects brands and experts in open innovation. He is dedicated to accelerating adoption and creation of innovation through product design, marketing, sales, digitalization, open platforms, and teamwork. Nikola is also a father of three, a poet, and an Ironman finisher.


July 16, 2021

Dan Szuc - Making Meaningful Work

My guest in this episode is Daniel Szuc, co-founder and principal at Apogee and co-founder of Make Meaningful Work, as well as the co-founder of UX Hong Kong. In this episode, we talk about making meaningful work and enabling each other to be our authentic selves in the workplace.

Dan has been involved in the UX field for over 20 years, and has been based in Hong Kong for over 20 years. Dan has lectured about user-centered design globally. He has co-authored two books including Global UX with Whitney Queensbury and The Usability Kit with Gerry Gaffney.


June 18, 2021

Katja Forbes - The Journey Into Design Leadership

My guest in this episode is Katja Forbes, Managing Director of Designit, Australia & New Zealand. Katja is also on the Global Board of the Interaction Design Association.

Katja was recognised as one of the Top 100 Australian Professionals 2020, Top 10 Australian Women Entrepreneurs 2018 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and named one of the 100 Women of Influence by Westpac and the Australian Financial Review in 2016.

In this episode she talks about her journey to design leadership, learning to let go of the tools and start managing people, building up her own company through to being acquired.


May 8, 2021

Ariba Jahan - Diversity, Assumptioms and Structural Change

My guest in this episode is Ariba Jahan – also known as আরিবা – a biomechanical engineer turned innovation and design strategist focused on creating social impact and a future that is more accessible, intersectional and equitable.

Ariba is currently the Director of Innovation at the Ad Council, where she established the organization’s design innovation practice. As a member of the Ad Council’s DEI Council, she also leads efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at the organization.

Ariba spoke about her own journey into design, the assumptions often made in DEI initiatives, the need to ask not just “what new things …


March 25, 2021

Udhaya Padmanabhan - International man of design ops

My guest in this episode is Udhaya Kumar Padmanabhan – Udhay to his friends – a design leader, practitioner, coach, entrepreneur who has led design teams across the globe for over 23 years. He currently leads design delivery and DesOps at Designit ASEAN & SAARC.

He has been part of multiple successful acquisitions and exits including his own startup that built a patent pending multi-factor authentication system for transactional security. His expertise spans Design Leadership and Management, Strategy, Research, Service Design, Product Management, Front-end engineering, UX, CX, Design Delivery and Operations.

He has published …