July 23, 2020

A new home for Power of Ten

After a couple of years of being on the This is HCD network, Power of Ten is going solo with the episodes at their new home here, on iTunes, Spotify, Audioboom and wherever you find your podcasts.

In upcoming episodes, I’ll be talking about culture, airports and toilets with Design Anthropologist and Researcher, Chris Hayward, Jobs to Be Done and remote work with Mural’s Jim Kalbach, Designing Conversations with Daniel Stillman, Radical Alignment with Bob Gower and Alex Jamieson, Architecture and artificial intelligence with Molly Wright Steenson, and journeys into Design Leadership with Ryan Rumsay.

Unfortunately I’ve been asked not to simply switch out the old RSS feed on iTunes, which would have been the human-centred thing to do for listeners. The old This is HCD feed will no longer be updated, so be sure to subscribe to the new Power of Ten feed here or search for the Power of Ten show with the blue cover art above wherever you get your podcasts.

You’ll also find the all the episodes in the archive below.