Phew. What a weird 48 hours that was. As far as I know everyone I know is okay, though I have many friends in London that I haven’t heard from, so I hope you’re all okay if you happen to be reading this. It certainly puts things in perspective and also makes me feel a long way from everyone here in Australia.

I can’t help feeling this is somewhat of a tipping point, not necessarily for terrorism or for the fundamentalist cause but more for the fact that Londoners seemed to make it all seem so everyday. I don’t mean to detract from those that have lost loved ones or been injured, but the fact that people got on with their lives so quickly is an important weapon. Once terrorism becomes less of a terror its power diminishes. So there you go terrorists, you’re just a minor nuisance. I hope your suicides were worth it (and it seems likely you might be dead either now or soon doesn’t it eh?).

Richard has some good words on this (thanks to John for this link).

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