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I recently wrote a catalogue essay called The Invitation to Play (thanks to Mark Pesce for that phrase) for the Game/Play networked exhibition displayed simultaneously at HTTP in London and Q Arts in Derby.

The essay explores ‘art games’ and when and why they are successful at engaging players and when they are not (more frequent). This, more often than not, comes down to the artists ability to construct the ‘invitation to play’. That is, to seduce us into playful behaviour and playing with the work - if they fail at that any other message and idea is pretty much lost and why make an interactive artwork in the first place?

Some info about the exhibition:

Game/Play is a new collaborative exhibition between Q Arts in Derby and HTTP in London. Game/Play features goal orientated gaming and playful interaction explored through media arts practice.

The exhibition at Q Arts features works from Giles Askham, Low Brow Trash, Jakub Dvorsky, Paul Granjon, Long Journey Home/Q Club/PRU and Simon Poulter. At HTTP Mary Flanagan, Jetro Lauha, Julian Oliver, Kenta Cho, Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern will be exhibting their work. For the duration of the exhibition networked exhibits by Furtherfield VisitorsStudio and Tale of Tales will appear in both sites and online.

I’ll post the article online soon once the exhibition has got started, but I can e-mail you a copy if you contact me. If you are interested in visiting the exhibition the launch is 22 July 7PM - 9PM and you should visit the HTTP and Q Arts websites for location details.

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