Is it ten years already? I really am getting old. I remember the days when Flash was a really awkward little ‘Director pretender’ animation package with a clunky scripting language. It’s really only been a year since that hasn’t been the case.

The Barneys site

So the Favourite Website Awards have been running a vote on the Most Influential Flash Site of the Decade.

It’s categorised into years and looking through them you can see the ‘me too’ action going on. The first few years are overblown Skip Intro action of course, then we get the Barney’s sliding masks of 2000 (above - and no, it didn’t win that year’s accolade), then onto pixel-art action before heading into heavy animation and most recently overblown video. It’s worth a look even if only to see the excesses still ranking up there far too highly. The sad thing is that, lush as they are, not many of these have a decent idea behind them…

Anyhow, the final vote for the all-time, super-duper, most influential site is on the 30th August. Shouldn’t it be Macromedia Adobe?

(via vi-R-us)

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