I’ve seen the Five Things meme floating around and now Nik tagged me. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, like Nik I’m going to point to Iain who did better research and explanation than both of us could be bothered to. Anyway, you need to know five interesting/unknown facts about myself. It’s not an easy task… so it took a while.

  1. Various nicknames of mine have been Blade, Bongo and The Captain. Blade was great until Wesley Snipes ruined it.

  2. I broke my front tooth when I was playing the piano at around age 11.

  3. I can make a strange alien voice by holding a bubble of air in my throat and talking at the same time.

  4. My mum tells me I would have been called Claudia if I had been a girl. My dad wanted to call me Felix after Felix Leiter from James Bond, but the popular cat food persuaded my parents otherwise.

  5. I (not so) secretly think Tom Cruise is one of the world’s most under-rated actors. No wait, hear me out. I know he’s rubbish in most of the things he does, but in Born on the 4th July and a few other films he can be a brilliantly intense actor. The whole Katie Holmes thing is ridiculous and so is he most of the time. This means he is forever doomed to be awful and unbelievable because his stardom gets in the way of the role he’s playing.

Okay, time to pass it on to another five. I suspect these people won’t succumb so the meme will die here. It’s probably not a bad thing, but we’ll see:

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