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Since we’ve got a couple of MacBooks now I noticed my old 2GHz iMac G5 gathering dust, which seemed to be a shame with that lovely screen. Jon Hicks’s post on setting up his Mac Mini as a media centre prompted me to convert the iMac into a PVR/TV combo (plus it’s still handy as a computer).

The key is the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid tuner stick, which also comes with their great EyeTV software. Although digital coverage is rubbish where I am, we do have analogue cable, so the Hybrid is future-proof-ish.

One of the things that Jon uses is Syncopation, which keeps iTunes libraries in sync across different machines. I don’t really need this as I’m using Airfoil to send audio anywhere, and in any case the iTunes library is shared and my network isn’t that fast to be pinging movies around the place.

But the thing that made me smile was this bit of the blurb on the Syncopation web-site:

Syncopation also allows you to control which files are replicated. Suppose your husband loves Jazz, but you’re not a fan. You can set up a Block List that will keep his Thelonious Monk off your PowerBook.

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