Time Smear Long Punch

Photo by Greg Turner

Whilst writing up my Time Sketches work I realised I never put it up for download anywhere.

Now I have and you can download an OS X version of Time Smear and play with it in the comfort of your very own home. [Update: the download no longer works on modern OSes]. If you want to change the settings, use the top three rows of keys on your keyboard (i.e., 1-9, QWERTY… and ASDF…). There are no other instructions, it might break, it might not work at all and the only way to save an image is to make a screenshot (the piece was all about the interaction not the image really. Just play around and see.

I haven’t made a PC version because I don’t have a licence for the Windows version of the Xtra it uses. Someday (read: probably never) I might do a Processing version of it.

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