December 6, 2008

Line-Drawings, Cameras and New Videogames

Karl reminded me of two new games for the Playstation that depart from the normal 3D extravaganza. The first is another EyeToy game called EyePet. Basically you draw with a special pen and your doodles become 3D and part of the mixed-reality world of the game and your virtual ‘pet’.

EyePet Hd

The second is Echochrome, which seems to be a bit like Portal (PC DVD) , except that it is in a plain, wireframe and stickman style:

Echochrome HD Gameplay from Banzaiaap on Vimeo.

It’s very encouraging to see this trend towards games that designed from a point of view of ingenuity rather than pure 3D rendering power. There’s nothing wrong with full-on 3D games rendered in luscious detail, but I don’t feel games as a medium progress much when that’s the only focus.

There is little difference between the basic gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D:


and Call of Duty :


Apart from the amount of pixels you are shooting at of course.