Most people who know me in real life know that I have a tendency to swear too easily and too much.

They are, of course, twats.

Actually that last outburst is a rarity for me because I tend not to swear online all that much and, it seems, never almost never on Twitter. Perhaps it is the fear of the permanent, cached record of it somewhere. Perhaps it is that I’ve trained myself to be careful about crafting the written word.

Either way, Cursebird, a site that tracks people swearing on Twitter in real-time, shows how fascinating the everyday grittyness of humanity is. Who cares about tracking tweets about “Obama” or “Economic Crisis”? Swearing is much more entertaining.

Cursebird was put together by Richard Henry. @thinkingstiff seems to be leading the cursing pack at the moment, but I’m pretty sure he’s trying too hard.

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