I’m just in the process of moving all my domain hosting from GoDaddy because, frankly, it’s like being ambushed in a shopping mall by salespeople every click.

The support is terrible too. I got the above e-mail because I asked them what their fax number was.

If you’re wondering, I’m moving to, which is also covered by French privacy laws (which means private Whois listings for free).

Update 9th March: Wow, GoDaddy’s ‘Advanced Technical Support’ really are amazing. Here is the response I got. Bear in mind, I just need a fax number and already have the auth code:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have examined your Domain support request. We will be able to provide you with a valid fax number, as well as the Auth Code for your .DE domain name (which is required for transferring away). In order to do this we will need you to verify that last 4 of a payment method on file within your account or your 4 digit shopper pin. Please include this information in a reply to this email. Thank you,

Kevin H.

Advanced Technical Support

Thanks Kevin. Magic work.

Update (again):

After I queried GoDaddy about whether they really needed my security details in order to tell me their fax number, I got this response:

Hello Andy,

Unfortunately it is GoDaddy policy that we cannot give out any account specific information without validating the requestor with either the last four of a Credit Card or a 4 digit PIN if your account was set up with one of these. I understand this may seem like tight security protocol for a simple request, but we do not make the policy we simply enforce it and help as best we can. If you need further assistance please respond.

Have a great day,

Joshua M.

I replied with this:

In what way is GoDaddy’s fax number account specific?

Answer: In no way.

The digits you are looking for are ****.

If you end up sending me the fax number I already have, don’t expect a polite response.

From GoDaddy:


The only fax number on file is the one that you already have. If you need further assistance, please feel free to call our 24/7 customer support at 480-505-8877.

Thank You,

Joe B

By this time I was bored of the process and fulfilled my promised of politeness:

So, let me just get this straight. In order for you to tell me what I already knew, I had to dish out my security details and part of my credit card number?

Nice work.

You guys are fucking morons.

To be fair to Kevin, Joshua and Joe, they’re monkeys following lame rules. But even monkeys show some initiative sometimes.

The very last update:

Dear Andy,

I am the current supervisor on duty. I would first like to apologize for the poor support you have received as it is apparent that the issue at hand was misconstrued. Please know it is not our intention to create a negative customer experience. With that in mind we will take the appropriate actions to improve in our customer service department in an effort to ensure similar situations do not arise. It does appear that you have located the correct fax number which again is (480)505-8844. Again, I do apologize for the confusion on our part and any frustration it has caused. If there is anything more I can do for you, or if you have further concerns, please let me know.


Ben C.

Supervisor, Online Support

“It is not our intention to create a negative customer experience”? Really? They seemed to try pretty damn hard to make it so.

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